Display Counters

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Time Associate is the leading distributor of display counters, chillers and refrigerators which are used to preserve food, sweets, ice cream, dairy products in cafes, restaurants, ice cream parlours, departmental stores etc. These display units and cabinets are essential to keep food and other eatable products fresh and nutritious. Having beautiful display units is essential for business because it enhances the appearance of business.

Display units are the advertising cabinets because items and products is visible in them and people can see products easily. There are various models of display units. Display Refrigerators are used to keep dairy products and ice cream which are always kept in cold temperature to keep products fresh and cool. Display unit comes in different shapes and sizes. Display units having glass doors is beneficial because product can be easily displayed with the help of glass door. Our utmost priority is to deliver products which are durable, reliable have attractive design and features in a given time-frame and to meet demands and requirements of clients. We have a network of clients from renowned restaurants, cafes and departmental stores across different parts of Indian cities